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January's subscription

The Year of Great Coffee - Of course that’s not official, but we’ll do our best to ensure that it is for you. As a coffee roaster, we don’t and can’t work a week or two ahead. After roasting, analysing and tasting a great number of just-processed pre-shipment coffees, we finally contract them some months before they’re shipped and we receive them. With that in mind, we know what we’ve got for you all the way through to June, and let’s just say, the menu isn’t disappointing!

To get us out of the blocks with the strongest possible start, we’re bringing you a Thermic Fermentation process from Costa Rica’s Tarrazu region. As a skinny on thermic fermentation, after having the mucilage partially removed, the remaining beans still partially covered in cherry, are shock heated to 70 degrees and under pressure in steel tanks. This caramelises the sugars and pectins and sets them up beautifully for a long slow ferment for around 80 hours afterwards. The slower process allows for all of the flavour to seep into the beans prior to being dried. We’re then left with a really full-bodied and flavoursome cup with strong notes of cinnamon as well as pineapple, raspberry and cherry.

Accompanying Cordillera Del Fuego is a re-release from Sable Farm in Malawi. It’s a beautiful washed coffee from an unusual origin but which has proved to be a big hit with our customers. It’s a pedigree varietal of SL28 and since grown in the high altitudes of the Rift Valley and in rich soil, has a delicate complexity with notes of goji berry and green tea.

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Since we opened our doors in 2016 we are fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s best coffees and the farmers who’ve grown them. While we continuously attempt to build meaningful connections at origin, we also love building relationships with coffee bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices at the other end of the coffee pipeline.

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