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October's subscription

I know we say it every month, but we really are very excited to get these coffees out to you! October’s subscription coffees see the return of a recent favourite, alongside a new coffee that is potentially (in our humble opinion) one of our most interesting offerings to date. First up, it’s the return of Ruarai. We’ve been consistently brewing a heck of a lot of this washed Kenyan in the roastery, as our friends in Portview love it so much. It’s everything we love about a Kenyan coffee - like drinking fruit juice! And for this month, it will be exclusively available to our subscribers. Lucky you! Joining Ruarai is Yabitu, a honey-processed Ethiopian coffee. We were totally blown away by this coffee on the cupping table, due to its super interesting flavour profile. This is down to the processing method, during which there is an addition of spices, creating a super distinctive coffee. An old favourite, and some new funk. What’s not to love?

Ruarai #097 AA, Kenya

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Since we opened our doors in 2016 we are fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s best coffees and the farmers who’ve grown them. While we continuously attempt to build meaningful connections at origin, we also love building relationships with coffee bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices at the other end of the coffee pipeline.

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