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Hot off the heels of our new crop Ethiopian coffees, we’ve the much anticipated Kenyan crop coming at you now. Another dual pack from the same origin, we’ve selected a rare Kenyan natural to accompany the typically big juicy blackberry profile to be expected from the cooperatively produced washed Kenyan SL28 varietal. The former - Gulmarg Estate - is from just outside of Nairobi and until now has had an incredible reputation for producing washed coffees. They’ve introduced naturals by selecting only the ripest cherries through selective harvesting and flotation. The cherries are then laid on giant patio tables in the sun in a single layer and meticulously turned several times a day for even drying. Expect big juicy plum notes, with bitter orange, red grape and milk chocolate.

Gulmarg Estate, Kenya

Kagumoini AB, Kenya

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