Ana Maria, Brazil (3kg Wholesale)

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Process: Natural
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Nuts, Green Apple

One of our most important and exciting times of the year is when we launch our new house espresso. It's the coffee that generates the most inbound email traffic throughout the year as people tell us of how much they enjoyed our coffee on one of our partner’s bars in such and such a corner of our world. 

Ana’s farm is a neighbouring farm to Telma Machado’s; a farmer familiar to Root & Branch coffee drinkers. We enjoyed Telma’s coffee over consecutive years, but this year, we so enjoyed one of her co-conspirators coffees that we opted to pick it up. It’s understandably similar to Telma’s since they share a lot of resource and ideas on their respective farms but in addition, have the identical soil and climate of the Cerrado Mineras for both growing and processing their coffees. 

We are predominantly drinking this naturally processed Brazilian coffee on Espresso, but as a team, we’ve all been brewing it at home on filter as we’ve been getting it ready to launch. The notes of milk chocolate, caramel, nuts and green apple make it one of the sweetest coffees we’ve had over this last year. On that note, we hope at some point through 2024, you get to enjoy it too.