El Buho (Decaf), Colombia (170g)

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Process: Sugar Cane Process
Notes: Malt Loaf, Golden Syrup, Vanilla, Grape

Our latest decaf release is sourced from a variety of farms in the famed Huila and Tomila regions of south west Colombia. This coffee provides a rich syrupy cup with a little grape sweetness and well rounded mouthfeel. A characteristically Colombian coffee perfect for a late afternoon flat white! 

The decaffeination process of this coffee is often described as the ’natural process’. This sugarcane process uses ethyl-acetate as a selective solvent to remove caffeine from the green coffee, this is a naturally occurring organic compound produced by the fermentation of fruits. By using the ethyl-acetate produced by the sugarcane industry, the decaffeination process is conducted locally and in country, ensuring the reducing of the carbon footprint of the coffee.