Migoti Lot 2, Burundi (170g)

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Process: Washed
Notes: Brown Sugar, Orange Blossom, Bergamot

This fully washed bourbon from the Migoti Coffee Company is our first coffee from them. Scoring a solid 86.5, it’s clear they are really excel in producing high quality coffees. This lot has been produced by 3 farmers who have watched over it from fledging coffee plants to mature cherry producing coffee trees and ensured that they were able to draw as much goodness from the sandy soil of their farm as possible. After washing and longer than usual drying times for most parts of the world (28 days), the coffee was shipped to us. It’s our hope that we will buy more from these guys in the years ahead, since their reputation for professionalism, organisation and social conscience puts the final stamp on some excellent coffee, and it’s our privilege to be bringing it to you.